Trusted performance.  Lasting value.

C2 Investment Group (C2IG) is an industry-leading investment advisory firm that provides innovative and user-friendly web-based investment management solutions to cities, counties, hospitals, and other tax-exempt institutions.

We use state of the art online investment tools to provide clients a unique opportunity to easily manage their funds and empower them to be their own investment advisor. At C2IG, we offer clients a systematic approach to investment management with various options in which they can use these tools independently or combine them as part of a concise investment plan strategy to manage investments at peak performance. With our hands-on solutions, customer-centric approach, and extensive expertise, we work with our clients to develop a customized strategy to address their needs and build a successful investment program that will stand the test of time. 

Cash Manager

A unique cash flow forecasting and investment tool that will maximize investment earnings for general operating funds.


Optimizer Government Bond Index Tracking System is a proven, systematic approach to portfolio management that is void of speculation and is designed to achieve a market rate of return.


Whether evaluating, managing or reporting, Tracker takes complex financial information and produces easy-to-read reports on demand.