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Cash Manager

COMING SOON: Be More Strategic in Managing Your Cashflow!

How can you maximize earnings with your general operating funds?

The Cash Manager is a state of the art cash flow forecasting and investment tool designed to maximize earnings for general operating funds. This tool accurately forecasts future cash positions available for investment by recognizing major scheduled incoming cash receipts and planned disbursements. Once the cash flow needs are calculated, simply invest the funds consistently until the longest feasible date according to the cash forecast.

The goal of the Cash Manager investment strategy is to extend maturities to pick up additional yield in a normal yield curve environment. In most cases, this strategy often results in increased earnings.

So, how does Cash Manager regulate monthly cash flow?

A sufficient amount of securities will mature in months in which there is an estimated shortage of cash to meet projected expenditures. Conversely, no securities shall mature in months in which excess cash is expected.

Typically, a higher rate of return is achieved by extending maturities. The effect of this strategy will result in the maximization of earnings in most yield curve environments.

Wise investment managers place excess cash in investments that mature or are available in time to meet their anticipated expenses. The idea is to leave funds fully-invested until the money is needed.

With Cash Manager, you’ll be able to easily manage your operating expenses while maximizing your investment potential without ever having to use cumbersome spreadsheets!

Maximize investment earnings for general operating funds by strategically forecasting and managing cash flow.