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Concise Investment Plan

A Systematic Approach to Portfolio Management!

The state of the art investment tools (Optimizer, Tracker and Cash Manager) can be used individually, or they can be combined into a Concise Investment Plan designed to maximize earnings using a systematic approach to portfolio management. This approach allows investment officers to get the most out of these tools by combining their strengths into a portfolio management solution aimed at producing peak results.

The Concise Investment Plan is designed to empower you to be your own Investment Advisor by helping you manage your cash flow, maximize investment performance, and track your portfolio – all at your fingertips.

By establishing and implementing C2IG’s Concise Investment Plan, you will have created a portfolio management system that is void of speculation and provide portfolio diversification. In addition, the Concise Investment Plan involves professional money management techniques that are in accordance with the GFOA’s best recommended investment practices and attempts to achieve a market rate of return for the overall portfolio.

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Managing a public funds portfolio in today’s volatile financial markets requires precision strategy and innovative financial tools – and the Concise Investment Plan offers the best of both worlds!

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Managing an investment portfolio in today's volatile financial markets requires innovative investment tools.