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How do you know if your investments are giving you the best possible return?

C2IG’s Optimizer Government Bond Index Tracking System (Optimizer) is ideally suited for funds that are over and above operating funds. It is an innovative investment tool that takes the guesswork out of where interest rates are going and eliminates day-to-day investment decisions. The Optimizer allows investment officers to maximize their portfolio performance by attempting to duplicate the total return of a selected government bond index.

C2IG will advise the client regarding the selection of the appropriate bond index considering the client’s investment objectives, goals and risk parameters. Once the index has been selected, clients are given access to an index tracking optimization application that is used to manage their portfolios. First, the Optimizer creates a small portfolio of securities, around ten, that has similar constraints as the much larger government bond index portfolio of securities. The constraints consist of weighted average maturity, weighted average yield, weighted average duration and weighted average coupon. The types of investments are limited to US Treasury and US Agency securities. The Optimizer provides monthly rebalancing recommendations to reflect changes to any of the constraints in the selected bond index.

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By doing this, the Optimizer portfolio is designed to closely replicate the same return that you would get if you owned all the bonds in the index. This proven, systematic approach to portfolio management is void of speculation, and the objective is to achieve a market rate of return.

Investment officers choose the Optimizer because it’s a fast, easy and reliable way to get peak performance from their portfolios without time-consuming investment analysis or the uncertainty of day-to-day investment decisions.

Can you afford not to use it?

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Managing an investment portfolio in today’s volatile financial markets requires sophisticated financial tools.