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C2 Investment Group (C2IG) is a registered investment advisory firm that provides innovative and user-friendly web-based investment management solutions to cities, counties, hospitals, and other tax-exempt institutions. We supply state of the art investment tools for the “do-it-yourself” Investment Advisor to help municipalities and other entities create a customized investment strategy while managing a portfolio at peak performance.

Easy-to-Use Solutions at Your Fingertips

Over the years, we developed our online tools to make the investment and financial management processes easier for clients while providing optimal results. We developed the Optimizer Government Bond Index Tracking System (Optimizer) to provide clients a simplified and unique investment approach that duplicates the total return of a selected government bond index. Then, we began offering the Tracker, an easy to use web-based portfolio accounting and reporting system that allows clients to easily track their investments and generate industry standard reports. We are currently developing a Cash Manager solution to help clients measure, document and forecast cash flow while maximizing earnings for general operating funds.

All of these tools can be used individually or combined into a Concise Investment Plan designed to implement a systematic approach to investment management.

Peace of Mind in Troubling Times

Indeed, these are unsettling financial times for investors and money managers around the world – and more especially for public officials. After all, managing public funds is not only an awesome responsibility but also an extremely daunting task given the uncertainty of today’s markets. That is why we do what we do!

Having served public funds investors for nearly 30 years, C2IG has the experience, integrity and longevity in the industry to effectively guide them in implementing a clear and concise investment program. This approach has given our clients a peace of mind in these troubled times because they now have a system in place that allows them to manage their funds at peak performance without the burden and stress of typical investment management practices.

We are dedicated to the concept that the investment of public funds (in cities, counties, and other taxing authorities) is a discipline. Our investment tools are designed to manage these funds in a disciplined manner using a systematic approach/program to maximize earnings.

Not Your Typical Investment Management Business

The innovation of our solutions and our method of assisting clients manage their funds set us apart from typical money management firms. We have developed our entire service platform with the client in mind, which is why we are considered the investment advisor choice of government and other tax-exempt entities. We work hard to establish a long-term and mutually-beneficial partnership with our clients, take the time to identify and understand their needs, and assist them in building a successful investment program that addresses those needs.

Our most valuable asset is a satisfied client, and with that being our continued focus, we remain committed to being the leader in providing total investment management solutions.

State of the art investment tools designed for a systematic approach to investment management.